Brooklyn's Birth Story

The Mother Hood birth stories have been lovingly shared by mums. In their own words they have told the story and experience of their child's birth. 

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Parents: Denvar & Matt

Baby's name: Brooklyn

Baby's date of birth: 22nd March 2017

Where do you live:

Where did you plan to give birth: 
River Ridge Birth Unit

Where did you actually give birth: 
Waikato Hospital

Tell us about your pregnancy:
It was fairly uneventful. I was on the edge of having gestational diabetes but didn't follow a diet like I did with my firstborn. My last couple of weeks were sore on my hips as she was fully engaged with her fat little head 😂

What happened when you went into labour:
I had gone into hospital to talk about the process of induction as I was 8days overdue and measuring for a large baby. I went alone expecting to only talk through the process and come back another day. They kept me in for about 4hrs as my blood pressure was slightly high (it's always high as I hate getting it taken). 

After a loooooong wait, I had 3 doctors barrel into my tiny cubicle and tell me I need to have a c-section due to a large baby and possible risk of complications (only based off my blood pressure). 

If I agreed on the spot they could book me into a slot the following day or else I would have to wait four days and risk going into labour naturally and suffering a grade 3 tear or complications. I felt so cornered and bullied into it, and tried to explain that I had an 18mth old to look after at home and that I wouldn't be able to do that after surgery. Their suggestions of letting my toddler sleep on the couch instead of in a cot and just not taking him in a car for 6wks didn't seem like it would work in reality. 

Upset, I phoned my midwife, my midwife friend as well as speaking to the hospital midwives who all were surprised that they were advocating so hard for me to have a c-section (I have nothing against cesears, if that's what's best for mum and baby then that's what's best. I just hoped I still had other options) all the midwives gave me the encouragement and belief I needed and one angel of a hospital gave me a stretch and sweep to see if I would go into labour naturally. 

At my midwife's suggestion, I decided to stay in the hospital overnight so they could monitor my blood pressure and then I'd reassess the situation in the morning. 

Tell us about your labour and how it progressed:
At midnight my waters broke and I was having contractions. I asked to phone my husband as my first labour was fast and I wanted him there. They made me wait till I was 7cm before calling. At 1.00am I was 7cm and they took me to the birthing rooms and phoned hubby and my midwife. 

My midwife requested the largest room in case of complications and need to fit all the doctors in. Once downstairs I kept upright, though I needed to go to the loo with every contraction because of all my fluids (a new maternity pad for every contraction. Yuck! TMO sorry!) 

And I find sitting while in labour way too painful. I prefer to be standing and walking in circles. At 3.15ish my midwife goaded me onto the bed (she needed me to be laying down as that was the best position for dealing with stuck shoulders if it should happen. I laid on my back for my first child and actually enjoy being able to absolutely relax during contractions) I tried to use the gas but it didn't seem to be working.  

My husband had a go and agreed, even after it was turned to full. So no pain relief for baby #2! (No one told me where the gas was for baby #1 either because I was already pushing when we arrived at the hospital!). 

I was pushing from about 3.20 and Brooklyn was born at 3.52am weighing 5.28kg (11lb 06oz). 

No complications, only a slight tear that didn't need stitches! 

What things would you do the same:
Trust my instincts about what level of care was needed, keep upright during labour, be a dead weight between contractions. Relaxing so much I wouldn't even lift my head and concentrating on getting my breath back was the best feeling

Would you do anything differently:
I don't think I would.

What advice would you give to other mums:
Stay upright during labour and only focus on getting your breath back so you're ready for the next contraction.

Trust your midwife   

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