Erin's Natural Birth

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Parents: Erin and Aaron Wright

Baby's name: 

Baby's date of birth: 

Where do you live? 
Whangarei, NZ

Where did you plan to give birth?
Whangarei Hospital

Where did you actually give birth?
Whangarei Hospital

My natural birth. 

Thursday was just another normal day. I dropped Nate at daycare and Aaron had the day off so I went for a drive with him to deliver some firewood. I decided to help stack it as I figured the movement may put me into labour. It didn’t. 

As we drove back home, a HUGE spider (bigger than a $2 coin) crawled across the back of my neck and I screamed my guts out. Almost in tears, I flicked it onto the floor or the car and squished it with my jandal. It took me about half an hour to stop hyperventilating. Aaron joked the whole way home that if I didn’t go into labour after that, nothing was going to make it happen! 


It started around 4pm on Thursday the 8th Feb with a decent gush of fluid. It was clear but had a pinky tinge. I assumed it was my waters breaking.
I called Aaron into the toilet to show him and looked up with anticipation.
“Crap, we're about to have a baby!”
I phoned the midwife to let her know and then phoned mum and told her. Mum was so excited, she called around on her way home from work to check in. Really, she just couldn’t stay away. 

At around 6pm my contractions started. Or you could say it was just pretty severe period pains. Cramps and discomfort but I was still moving, cooking dinner and getting Nate ready for bed. 

Mum arrived back at about 7pm. Just in time to put Nate to bed and us all to spend some time with him as our only baby. My contractions were more noticeable as individual contractions rather than just general cramping. 

Saying goodnight to Nate and not knowing if we were going to see him again in the morning as our only baby or if the next time we saw him would be in the hospital was hard. He had no idea how much his world was about to change and I started feeling guilty. 

Aaron, mum and I hung out for the rest of the evening. Contractions slowly got worse but nothing major. I headed to bed but there was no way I could sleep. Excited, nervous, sore!
So many feelings. 

I told Aaron that he was better to get a good nights sleep rather than stay up with me and that I would wake him when I needed him. I went and hopped into bed with mum as I knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep either. 

Laying in bed with mum was so nice. We chatted, laughed and breathed and grunted. Well, I grunted. 


2am - my contractions were about 4-5 minutes apart but they weren’t feeling super painful. They were sore and stopped me in my tracks but they were manageable. I phoned my midwife and she came around to check me. 

3am - My waters hadn’t broken earlier as I had thought but I was about 2cm dilated. My midwife was happy with my progress but told me to try and get some rest as it could be another long day ahead of contractions. 

4am - I headed back to bed but the contractions were too sore lying down so I got back up and sat on the couch watching trashy TV. I managed to doze between a few of the contractions. 

7.30am - Aaron and Nate woke up and the day started again. I was pretty exhausted but feeling okay. My contractions had eased right off and we’re now about 7-8 minutes apart. If I kept moving, they kept coming but if I stopped moving, they kept easing. Naturally, I wanted to keep them coming so tried to keep moving. 

At about 12pm I spoke to my midwife again. I told her that I was trying to move as much as possible to keep the contractions coming. If I stopped, they stopped.
She told me to lie down and try to rest as it could be another really long night of contractions with no sleep. So I went lay down and slept for about 1.5-2hours. 

When I woke around 2pm, I stood up out of bed and had a really hard, strong contraction. It was different from the others. 


My sister in law arrived to collect Nate shortly after 3pm. He was so excited to be going with Aunty Bec and seeing his cousins. It made it so much easier to say goodbye knowing that he was happy. 

By about 3.30pm, they were coming a lot stronger and faster. I went and hopped in the shower which only made them worse. I had 4 or 5 contractions in the shower which saw me hanging off the top of the glass door and grunting my guts out. 

When I got out of the shower, my dad had arrived for a visit (and a beer with Aaron). He stayed for around half an hour and kept saying, “Are you sure you don’t need to go to the hospital soon?” 

Fast forward to 5.30pm. Down on the floor on my knees, bent over the couch, breathing through my contractions which were now coming every 2-4 minutes. Aaron was sitting on the couch rubbing my back which was absolute bliss.
I decided I needed to go to the hospital so we phoned the midwife and agreed to meet her there. 

On the way to the hospital, I cried and cried the whole way. I had the worst fears of arriving at the hospital and only being 2cm dilated still. I was exhausted and scared and in pain.
Luckily I had taken my favourite pillow so I could hide my face at the traffic lights.
It was not pretty! 😂

About 5 minutes later (6.15pm) we arrived at the hospital. Aaron dropped me at the front door and went to park the car. As soon as I walked in, I had a contraction bent over the reception desk and burst into tears all over again.
One of the midwives asked if I was in labour and what my name was. I couldn’t get it out through the pain. One of them asked if I was Erin Wright and I managed to nod. She said, “We’ve been waiting for you.” 


They took me down to my birthing room and shortly after Aaron walked in. Aaron asked her to get me a Swiss ball as that’s what I’d mainly been using at home. Mum then arrived too, followed closely by my midwife. 

Because I had a c section last time, I had to have monitors on my tummy to ensure the baby wasn’t getting unsettled or distressed. I had wanted to avoid being on my back for as long as possible but we got to the point where we had to get the monitors on and she needed to see how dilated I was. I WAS 8CM!!!!!!!
All those tears in the car were for nothing. But once again...the tears flowed.
This time, happy ones. I was so relieved. 

My midwife explained that from 8-10cm was when it got really hard. And explained what was happening...I loved being informed the whole time and understanding what was happening. 

My contractions ramped up and I begged for the gas! Shit, that gas is good!
So good. 

Not long later, my waters broke and out came a massive gush of greeny/brown fluid. 


My midwife ensured me everything was fine but that we had to call the baby doctors as there was meconium in the waters.
The baby had pooped in there! 

More gas. More pain. Holy shit. The pain. Contractions were maybe 2 mins apart. Aaron had an ice cold flannel on the back of my neck which was the best thing. And he kept wiping my brow, nose and chest to get rid of the sweat!
Such a champ. 

I rolled over on the bed and laboured on my knees with my arms over the back of the bed. The pressure in my bum increased.
Surely I wasn’t ready to push yet? 

My midwife encouraged me to get off the bed & walk to the bathroom. As soon as a sat on the toilet, I felt like the baby was about to fall out. Because I had to be seated to have the monitors on, they bought a birthing stool in. I sat down with Aaron behind me and my midwife told me I could push when I felt the urge. 

I gave a couple of small pushes with the next contractions.
Mum told me to push really long and hard. I looked up at her & said: “But I’m scared it’s going to hurt!” 
She looked at me with a grin and said: “It’s too late for that!”  

Mum told me to put my hand down & feel the baby’s head. Sure enough, there it was! 

Next contraction, my midwife counted to 10 and made me push as hard as I could. The head was out!
One more contraction and big push, and the baby was born! 

They passed the baby up to me and I heard Aaron call out from behind me,
“It’s a boy!”  

They passed him up to me and let us have a quick cuddle. I was losing quite a bit of blood so they quickly got Aaron to cut the cord, and got me up on the bed see what was going on. 

The baby doctors checked the baby over and made sure he was all fine.
Such a relief to hear that he was perfectly healthy. 

Shortly after, they passed him back to me for skin to skin. Such an amazing feeling. His sweet smell!
His little eyes looking at me. 

After the hardest 40 weeks of my life, our baby was here. 

The best feeling in the world. ❤️

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