Evie's Birth Story

The Mother Hood birth stories have been lovingly shared by mums. In their own words they have told the story and experience of their child's birth. 

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Parents: Madeline and Ben
Baby's name: Evie
Baby's date of birth:19th April 2016

Where do you live?

Where did you plan to give birth?

Where did you actually give birth?

Tell us about your pregnancy
Straightforward- minor afternoon nausea, hip pain, frequent night waking to use the bathroom.

What happened when you went into labour?
I was induced on the 9th day past my due date

Tell us about your labour and how it progressed
My contractions started shortly after the induction was complete at 9am, I used the TENS machine the entire labour and mostly stayed on my feet, I also had a swiss ball to bounce on. By 2pm I was at 4cm and by 6pm I was fully dilated and started pushing!

The pushing continued on/off for 1-1.5hrs. The midwife then called in the consultant as the baby was a little distressed at each push, they found she had turned slightly and was facing forward with her nose in the air. The decision was made to take me to theatre for a possible c-section or forceps.

Once down there the forceps were not an option so c-section it was!

Did you go to the hospital or stay at home?

Share your birth experience.
The c-section was reasonably quick and the spinal was effective thank goodness!

What things would you do the same?
Use TENS, stay calm, have good support, go to the hospital, adult colouring in book!

(It was very calming and helped pass the time)

Would you do anything differently?

What advice would you give to other mums?
My mantra was 'it is only temporary' and this worked a treat. I had a few motivational things written in a book which I read every now and then, it is important to try to be as relaxed as possible, move about and keep active.


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