Finn's Arrival into the World

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Parents: Sam and Jodie Moselen

Baby's name:  Finnley (Finn) Moselen

Baby's date of birth: 15/12/2016

Where do you live? 

Where did you plan to give birth?
Water Birth - Whangarei Hospital

Where did you actually give birth?
Emergency C-Section - Whangarei Hospital

Tell us about your pregnancy
My pregnancy was pretty ‘normal’ compared to others, not that I think there is a typical ‘normal’ these days. 

I was surprised by how tired I was throughout the whole process and tried to stay as active as I could.

Leading up to my due date it was suggested by my midwife that I go down to four days a week at work. I was trying to balance a lot at work which just increased my fatigue come to the end of the day. 

In my last few weeks of pregnancy, I had to go into the hospital to be monitored a few times as my blood pressure was higher than normal. Everything worked out fine in the end which was good.

What happened when you went into labour?
My best friend had arrived for the birth from Dunedin which was all very exciting and we were trying EVERYTHING to get this baby out! Roseleaf tea, eating spicy food and so much walking…but nothing, he was stubborn – just like his mumma!

I started to get contractions one morning and they got progressively more intense and quicker so after calling my midwife, it was decided that I should go to the Maternity unit. Once there the midwife examined me and it was determined I was only 2cm so would need to go home and ‘wait it out’ 

I was devastated!

I felt like I had somehow let my best friend down who had traveled all this way to be part of our amazing journey only to say – just kidding. I know it sounds silly but the immense pressure I felt was awful. My husband had let the parents and close friends know it was all on and then BOOM – Nothing. I felt like a terrible friend but especially a terrible wife to my husband. I know it seems stupid and of course I wasn’t letting anyone down but that is how I honestly felt.

After heading home the early stages of labour did not stop. I had around two weeks of contractions that were either dull in intensity and lasted a while or high intensity but not for long. Sadly my best friend had to head home to her own babies but with her birthday a week away I jokingly told her as she pulled out of my driveway to head to the airport, both of us in tears that if he is born on her birthday his middle name would be Rachel in her honour.

After three at home stretch and sweeps over the progressing week and no further movement than 2cm I was booked in for an induction 

Tell us about your labour and how it progressed
On arrival at hospital I was examined by the hospital midwife as mine was at home having a quick rest due to an early morning birth that same day. The hospital midwife told me that they were going to have to break my waters but didn’t want to use the normal method because of the way bubs was facing and wanted to use this instrument I had never heard of. She described it as a small screw that would go into my sons head which would pierce the waters and then screw under the skin, from here they would monitor him by a cord that was attached and then stuck onto my inner thigh. You could imagine my reaction when they told me they were using a screw! The midwife was lovely about the whole process and sure enough, my waters broke.

From that point, the contractions became very intense but there was no real movement off my 2cm progress so they gave me a drip and filled with syntocinon. After hours of contractions increasing in intensity but little movement I decided to have an epidural.

My first epidural didn’t work. They had increased the syntocinon to help speed up the labour so all I had was terrible contractions and no pain relief. They had another try and this time it only worked on half of my body. I was exhausted and in so much pain. After a certain amount of time, they decided to wait until the next anesthesiologist came on shift and get them to try – I was so apprehensive but thankfully third times a charm. However, the side effect I had from this was constant hand movement that I couldn’t stop. Picture the single ladies song or the queen waving – like that…..non stop…..for hours

To try and get some rest my midwife (who had come in a few hours earlier) suggested some fentanyl which I agreed and boy did it work! In fact too well that it numbed me too much so they had to reduce that down. 

Finally after 13 hours since my waters broke they told me to push. I did my absolute best but being his mother’s son Finn did not want to come out. His heart rate would drop at every contraction and I knew a C-Section was coming. My midwife and the hospital midwife were huddled around the monitor which I knew wasn’t a great sign. They told me they would have to call the on-call Gynaecologist to make an assessment but they would be about 15 mins away. My midwife was amazing in prepping us for the fact that a C-Section was likely and keeping us informed about how Finn was doing. He was ok as long as I wasn’t having contractions.

By this stage, it was 11pm…they day before my best friends birthday.

The Gynaecologist came in and examined me and said I needed to have an emergency C-section right away. It was chaotic, my poor husband trying to get all our stuff together, nurses and doctors shifting me to another bed and then them trying to get me to sign forms (remember I had the single ladies hand going on still) 

When I was in the surgical theatre I told the doctors and nurses about my promise to my best friend and while I love her dearly I didn’t really want my son's middle name to be Rachel. They all laughed and promised they would do their best to get him out before midnight. 

Finn was born at 12.07am – the same day as my best bud. The doctors were apologetic that they couldn’t get him out before the deadline but it didn’t matter to us – he was finally here!

While I broke my promise and his middle name isn’t Rachel they will always have a special connection. 

Newborn baby in bed

Did you go to the hospital or stay at home?
I was in the hospital with Finn for five days. He had a small stint in SCBU for around 48 hours which was awful (Finn having to be there, not the staff who were beyond wonderful) and we had to stay longer as he was having trouble feeding.

What things would you do the same?
Have another hospital birth and keep my same midwife – I trust her completely 

Would you do anything differently?

If I am lucky enough to have a second baby I will not put so much pressure on myself during labour.

What advice would you give to other mums?
Surround yourself by all the support you can. I could not have been through my journey without the support of my amazing husband, my wonderful family, and my great friends.

There will be so many moments when it seems like it is all a bit too much but just know things will always get better and you are the mum and trust you always know what is best for you and your baby despite what ‘they’ say – whoever ‘they’ are.


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