The Arrival Of Little Leo

The Mother Hood birth stories have been lovingly shared by mums. In their own words, they have told the story and experience of their child's birth. 
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Parents: Joe and Emma

Baby's name:  Leo David Alker

Baby's date of birth: 23/06/2016

Where do you live: 

Where did you plan to give birth:
Whangarei Maternity Ward

Where did you actually give birth: 
As above Birth Stories blog

Tell us about your pregnancy
I LOVED being pregnant.

Joe and I struggled to conceive, and we finally got pregnant on our 6th round of letrozole (ovulation medication). 

I’m a voluptuous woman with a body full of curves and have always had issues with my weight and how that has made me feel. Being pregnant took all of that away, I embraced my beautiful round tummy that housed our baby boy and for a long time after giving birth I missed it. 

I suffered from morning, midday and afternoon sickness but it was like clockwork so I knew what to expect every day up until about 17 weeks. 

Other than that everything was pretty standard. 

Tell us about your labour and how it progressed, and your birth experience: 
I woke up at 6:30 in the morning and went to the bathroom, I walked straight back into the bedroom and said to Joe “I think we are going to have a baby today” and the contractions started almost immediately.

I tried to go back to bed but I couldn’t lie down. I phoned the midwife and she told us not to get too excited it probably wouldn’t be for another day or so. 

We were living with my parents at the time. So we all sat down and had a breakfast of bacon and eggs (that was a big mistake). 

The midwife came over around 9am and said that I was in very early stages and to just chill and see how things went she was going to call back in around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. 

Trying to chill as you have shooting pains running through your body like an electric shock is not really that easy. Anyway - I paced around the house, Joe and my Dad went trout fishing up the road. 

At about 10:30 things had amped up a little, Joe was told off for wearing the wrong clothes and I screamed at him to ring the midwife. 

See I was panicking a little bit, I was born in the car on the side of the road on Western Hills drive. I knew my labour had changed and I was NOT having my baby follow in my footsteps be that on the kitchen floor or the car! I also desperately wanted some gas! 

The midwife came back sometime around 11am and did a check, I was about 5cm dilated. She knew that I wanted to go to the hospital and that was my safe place, for me to be calm so she rung up and organised for us to go up there and be admitted. 

We arrived just after midday, barely able to walk from the car to the building without stopping for multiple contractions. 

The gas was a no go. I felt much better concentrating on my breathing rather than trying to make the effort to suck on the gas. 

I have to say Joe was incredible. He has a bowl of ice with freezing cold water and a face cloth. He just constantly wiped my brown and squeezed my hand through every moment. 

At 2.15 Leo David Alker our beautiful little boy entered our world. Ironically 2.15 that day was the time I was scheduled to meet the midwife! 

I will never forget that moment. Holding our baby to my chest, adrenaline pumping, in absolute amazement of what my body has just gone through. Joe and I just simply looked at each other and said: “OMG our baby”. 

He was 6lb 11oz of pure beauty. 

We have never known a love like what we felt for this child.  

The Mother Hood Birth Stories The birth of little Leo

What advice would you give to other mums?
Treasure the gift you have been given.  

Until we got pregnant with Leo we never realised the incredible science (natural or not) behind the creation of a life. It is incredible. 

The tough times will never last, they will be over in an hour a day or a week. 

And lastly - you can never ever own enough hydrogel breast disks! 

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