10 Reasons to Love Babywearing

I was first introduced to babywearing when I was given a Peek-a-Baby wrap for my first baby. She was 4 months old and I wished I had discovered it sooner.

I wouldn't describe myself as "crunchy" and babywearing was probably as close as I got to attachment parenting. I loved babywearing and think that there are so many benefits to mum and bub.

Initially, I purchased an expensive European carrier that was hard to use and uncomfortable for both of us. At four months my baby was still too little to be in it without a lot of help from me and her legs dangled with no support what so ever.

Once I put on my Peek-a-Baby wrap I never went back - finding the stretchy wrap far more comfortable!

When baby number two came along pretty quickly, there was no hesitation in reaching for my trusty Peek-a-Baby wrap to snuggle my newborn in. With the added benefit of having my hands free for my busy toddler.

1. Closeness and Security

Not long after having my first baby I heard the term the 'Fourth Trimester' being mentioned. Your baby is in the womb for nine months - constantly with you, warm and snug. Then when they are born they are suddenly out in the big wide world with all these new stimulations. Babywearing helps to recreate the feeling in the womb, and also helps to ease your baby into the world, while they are still snuggled up next to you.

2. It's good for you!

Feeling my baby snuggled up asleep against me always helped me to feel calm and content. Studies and research have shown that babywearing can actually prevent and treat PND - Amazing! 

Babywearing is also great at helping us get out and about. Fresh air and exercise help to boost our mood and make us feel good. Not to mention the resistance training you are doing with the extra kgs that you are carrying around!

3. Helps to promote your babies physical development

We all know that our babies shouldn't spend too much time in car seats or swings. Babywearing is a great alternative, especially when you need to get things done. A stretchy wrap is also good for babies hip development - if they are positioned correctly. A baby wrap holds a baby's body in a comfortable correct position, much like a womb carries a bub before birth.

4. Communication

From birth, your baby absorbs a huge amount of information about words and talking. In fact, babies that are worn are talked to more. As your baby is close to you, you are able to interact with them easier. Babies communication isn't done verbally but through physical and emotional cues, gestures, hand motions and more. Babywearing can help you to connect with your baby and to understand their cues much quicker.

5. Babywearing is for everyone

Because our Peek-a-Baby wraps are one size fits all, everyone in the family can babywear! A stretchy wrap is a great bonding tool for mums and babies, but dads, grandparents, aunties and other caregivers can also have a turn. My husband used to love to wear our girls in the wrap and it was a great chance for him to bond with them when they were tiny. 

6. Affordable

Babies need a lot of stuff! As a new mum, it is often hard to know what you will need and what you won't need. And let's face it some things they only use for a few months and grow out of very quickly. A Peek-a-Baby wrap is an affordable option and something that you will use frequently!!! It is portable, light and can easily be popped in the nappy bag for when you need it.

7. Babies that are worn cry less

Yes, this is a true proven fact! In 1986 a controlled study by Hunziker and Barr showed that babywearing reduced crying overall by 43%. My second baby was very grizzly in the late afternoons, often around the time that my toddler needed to have her dinner, so I would pop her in the wrap and she would be as happy as anything, snuggled into me. Often falling asleep while I spent time with her big sister.

8. Hands-free

With a busy toddler having my hands free was essential when we were out and about. Whether it was in the park or the supermarket I needed to be able to lift her up, hold her hand or simply give her a cuddle. Having my newborn in the wrap meant that she was safe, secure and happy while I could still attend to the needs of my other little one. 

9. No heavy pushchair to lug around

Now I am the first to admit I loved my pushchair. When I was pregnant I spent hours pouring through the internet deciding which one to choose. I was so sad when my girls grew out of it and we finally sold it. But I did not like having to lug it in and out of the car - it was heavy! So often on quick trips, I would pop my baby from the car seat straight into the wrap and off we would go. I always had my wrap in the nappy bag so it was ready to go when and where I needed it.

10. Sleep

Babywearing is a lovely way to recreate the secure feeling that babies have in the womb, they feel snug and secure. They can hear mums heartbeat and feel the warmth of her skin. This often means that your baby will sleep well in their stretchy wrap and who doesn't want their baby to sleep more?

As a sleep consultant if mums are struggling to get their young babies to nap I often suggest they pop them in a wrap and go for a walk. The combination of being close to mum and the movement often has them nodding off in no time. With a young baby keep them upright and close enough to kiss so you can see them easily when they are asleep.

Finally, babywearing just makes parenting easier.

A Peek-a-Baby wrap carrier enables you to be close to your baby while simultaneously giving you the freedom and comfort to get on with life. Whether you have other children that need you too or you simply have things that need to get done.

Babywearing allows you to do all the things!

Mum with baby in a Peek-a-Baby wrap crouching down talking to her toddler



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