3 Tips For Wearing Your Newborn Safely

The term the fourth trimester is used to describe a period of great change and development in a newborn. They are adjusting to life outside the womb and all the new sensations that go with it.

I often get asked if our Peek-a-Baby wraps are suitable for a newborn and the answer is yes!

In fact, babywearing is a fantastic way to settle your new baby in the first few months as it recreates many on the feelings your baby has in the womb. 

Being able to monitor our baby and respond to their needs, as well as follow these 3 basic safety tips for wearing your newborn in a stretchy wrap carrier.

newborn baby in a Peek-a-Baby stretchy wrap carrier

3 Basic Safety Tips

  1. Keep airway clear by positioning your baby with their chin up so that your baby’s airway remains open(Never curled down to the chest) Your wrap should be snug so baby can’t sink, lean, curl or change position.

  2. Fully support your newborn’s spine in its naturally rounded position with hips and legs tucked and now spread wider than your baby’s pelvis. Your baby’s bottom should be lower than his or her knees, which helps keep the healthy rounded curve of the baby’s spine. Your newborn baby wrap should support baby’s spine without flattening it out and should support the baby’s bottom and thigh.

  3. Wrap your newborn high on your chest in an upright position. Your baby’s face should always be visible to you, and the baby’s cheek lays against your chest so that their nose and mouth are clear. Use the top edge of your wrap to support your baby head behind the neck and up to the bottom of bubs ears without covering their little face.

Our Peek-a-Baby wraps are 100% cotton, soft and supportive, perfect for cradling your newborn baby in an ergonomic position where they can thrive.

Other Mums love them too!
"Best item I brought for my baby
The wrap is probably the best item I have brought for my baby would definitely recommend to new mums.
My boy loves being in it and it's great for soothing him if he's being fussy."

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