A Mother's instinct is like no other.

YOU Mumma! 

You grew a life from scratch. You were right there when their heart started beating, nestled safely within you. You were there when their first breath brushed passed their perfect lips. Every detail of their being is created at your core and is then lovingly nurtured day in and day out, ingrained in your memory. You can't help but be so acutely in tune with their bodies to notice anything and everything that deviates from the norm. From a new bruise that surfaces on their delicate rosy skin to a scrape on their bony shin. A redness to their squishy bottom, to the number of days it's been since their last poo. A subtle shift in their behaviour. A muffled cough heard two doors down the hallway can prick up your ears. Occasionally there doesn't even have to be any outward signs for you to know something is amiss.

Though their intentions are honourable, no one, not your Mother, not your friends, neighbours, Teachers, Nurses, Doctors or google know your child anywhere close to how you know them.

Every element of your make up is designed to protect and soothe their little bodies. The rhythm of your heart. Your natural scent. The touch of your fingertips gently caressing their cheeks. 

You're their safety. You are their home. So it comes as no surprise that any element of hurt or danger involving your cub will conjure up a shit storm, not only in your heart but in your stomach. 

It's called a gut feeling for a reason and it will very rarely if ever let you down. If something doesn't sit right with you, doesn't make sense, or that voice in your head simply won't damper down, LISTEN to it and act.  Seek a second or third opinion if that's what it takes to settle your mind.

Never let your own fear of being knocked down and made to feel like a crazy bitch, cause you to lose focus on the bigger picture; the wellbeing of your child.

Whatever the case may be, hold your head up high and steady that voice. I would rather spend the length of a doctors visit potentially wasting both their time and mine to ensure my child isn't and won't suffer in anyway shape or form. I would rather have it out with their teacher in a respectful yet frank manner than have my child feel frightened or unsupported at school.

We're all different. And yes, in every aspect of life, while there are wide variations of what is considered 'normal', if it's not 'normal' for YOUR child, speak up Mumma. 

It's okay to question.

It's okay to do your own research.

When you became a Mother, along with that squishy warm bundle, you also acquired a voice, not only for yourself but one for your child until they grow big enough for this world to sit down and listen. Never be afraid to stand up and be heard. You are your child's advocate. 

At the end of the day, if all else fails, that little person standing knee-high next to you will look up in adoration and remember you did all you could just for them.


Picture of Lacey Owen from Laced with LoveLacey Owen is a busy Mum of three gorgeous children who provide the basis for her blog; experiences along her journey to becoming a Mother and all that Motherhood entails such as miscarriage, birth, ill babies, secondary infertility and raising young children. She works part-time as a health professional and is a self-confessed crazy cat    lady having just taken on the role of breeding Burmese kittens on her 10-acre property in the winterless North.

Find her on her Facebook page Laced with Love

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