Babywearing is for Hippies... and other misconceptions!

For years babywearing was considered something that was just for hippies.

Baby carriers and slings were rejected in favour of expensive buggies and prams.

But over the last few years, babywearing has become more popular as parents learn how important it is in developing the bonding process between parent and child.

While our knowledge grows around child development and bonding, there are still many misconceptions around babywearing.

Babywearing is difficult

Like any new skill, there is always a learning curve. I like to tell people that learning to tie a Peek-a-Baby wrap is like learning to tie your shoelace. It takes a bit of practice the first few times but once you have done it a few times you don't even think about it! 

In fact, when you get your new wrap in the post you get step by step instructions to help you tie it. Or you can check them out on our website.

Babywearing spoils your baby

As soon as you become a parent you learn that everyone has an opinion on parenting - even those people who don't have children! Research and experience show that meeting the needs of our babies and toddlers for closeness and security has not created clingy children. And when your child wants to get down and play they will soon let you know. Just like when they are in your arms or sitting on your knee.

Babywearing can hurt your back

When worn correctly, carriers and slings shouldn't hurt your back. Peek-a-Baby wraps are a traditional ergonomic design. Our wraps evenly distribute the weight of your baby across the back and the hips making them comfortable for everyone to wear. It can be better for your back to wear your baby than to have it in your arms all the time because the weight is spread and you are not favoring one hip - which let's face it we all tend to do!

Babywearing is for attachment parents

Babywearing is certainly a fundamental principle of attachment parenting. However, not all babywearers are attachment parents! 

I admire those that choose to follow an attachment parenting philosophy and think they are amazing but mums that babywear parent in lots of different ways and most of us are just muddling along as best we can!

I believe that we are all different, our babies and children are different and we all parent differently. As mothers, we need to embrace and celebrate this. Supporting and empowering each other through the journey of parenthood.

Babywearing creates bad sleep habits

It is more important for a young baby to sleep than where it sleeps. (Following safe sleep practices of course!) In fact, as a sleep consultant, I often tell mums with young babies that won't settle to pop them in a wrap carrier.

Young babies that are in the fourth trimester find comfort and security from being snuggled up close to mum. They feel secure in a firm stretchy Peek-a-Baby wrap while being able to feel the heartbeat and warmth of mum.

Babywearing reduces productivity

This has to be my favourite! As a busy mum babywearing allows you to get things done while still responding to the needs of your baby. Whether it is juggling the demands of other children or simply getting on with the responsibilities of daily life mums often need to have their hands free.

As a busy mum of two young children, I spent many afternoons wearing my tiny baby while I fed my hungry, tired toddler. I was able to meet the needs of both little ones at the same time!

These days we are all hippies at heart

Luckily life has moved on from society thinking that babywearing is for hippies,  these days most of us are hippies to some degree as we learn more about the world around us.

Families have baby carriers and a pushchair. Dads love to wear their babies too and we are all becoming more educated around how babywearing offers closeness and security to our little ones. Benefiting both parent and child from the rush of oxytocin that we get from the physical closeness of babywearing.

Babywearing rocks in so many ways!

What misconceptions have you come across that need to be busted?

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