Do you battle with health and wellness in the chaos of modern parenting?

Health and Wellness are a battle at the best of times but throw in the chaos that is modern parenting and it can be easy to feel like you are failing at something that should be primal and instinctive.

Our parents and grandparents will look at us and think that we have completely lost the plot!! But the reality is, that modern life is SO FAR removed from what it was when we were born or during their childhoods.
Many in older generations don’t truly understand the differences that have created the issues we face today. Advances in technology, which, in theory, make life easier, in truth, complicate things almost as much as they help us!

We are busier than ever; being plugged-in working parents as well a maintaining a home and ensuring our kids attend all manner of extracurricular activities. We need everything to happen NOW because we don’t have time to wait, but we also want to provide the very best for our families.

In our grandparents' era, most homes had a kitchen garden of some sort that the man of the house tended and which would provide seasonal, fresh produce directly to the table to be consumed after being lovingly prepared by the lady of the house. Baking would be done weekly and eked out.

Then, commercially prepared biscuits began to appear on the scene in the 1960s. Fast food chains like KFC and McDonalds, only arrived on NZ shores in the 1970s so the reality is our foodscape in the last 50 years has changed dramatically! And while our elders may think we should be grateful for these progressive endeavors, they actually add to the general overwhelm.

Supermarkets are stocked with countless different versions of the same thing, none of them, seemingly, all that different from the other. Convenience foods are loaded with preservatives and additives to keep them fresh on the shelves for longer but many of which cause or trigger allergic and/or behavioral issues.

Don’t get me wrong, some supermarkets also have an amazing range of seasonal, organic, nutritious foods, but trying to read between the lines of marketing companies, nutritional information and ingredients can be baffling.

And every day we are being told conflicting information, about EVERYTHING that matters to us;

  • Fat is good/ fat is bad
  • Kids should play more outside/there are predators everywhere
  • Screen time is good/screen time is bad
  • We need more exercise/You shouldn’t do {insert name} type of exercise
  • Eat more dairy/Don’t eat dairy
  • Antibiotics are great/antibiotics are creating more problems than they fix.

With that in mind, here are my top 5 tips for empowering Mamas and Dads (and in fact everyone) to traverse the Minefield of Modern Life;

Just eat real food Our bodies weren’t designed to process synthetic, or even overly processed foods, so keep with seasonal fruit, veg, eggs, fish, meats and legumes etc (organic IS best if you can) as your primary food sources. When it comes to convenience foods, the fewer ingredients the better and the more numbers in the ingredients list, the worse they are for us.

Minimize synthetic chemicals in your home- Be it in your skincare, hair care, scented smellies or cleaning products, if you can smell it, or you are putting it on your skin it is entering and therefore adversely influencing your body;

Move Humans weren’t meant to be a sedentary as we are today. I mean, look at all these long limbs we have!! No matter what it is try to move with purpose for at least half an hour each day. Have a dance party before dinner, walk around the block (or 15 minutes in one direction before turning back, get along to a fitness class, or even create your own with a friend. Set reminder alarms if needs be, but just do it!! 

Explore natural support
There are some amazing foundational things that we can do to support our immunity and wellness. Looks for bio-available supplements, essential oils and/or other natural therapies which will work WITH your body, won't mask symptoms and WILL improve the quality of your life.

Get in touch with YOU- It is SO important to check in with yourself and actually find out how you REALLY are. How are you filling your cup and honoring YOURSELF? Stress has a huge impact on our health and so checking in, acknowledging any stressors in your life and figuring out how you can manage them, rather than pretend they aren’t happening, will be a huge weight off your shoulders!

Photo of Kate McGrath from Ora Wellness  

Kate McGarth is a wellness advocate at Ora Wellness.  
A mama of four gorgeous babes, she is currently juggling life as a boss mum while building the house of her dreams.
Find Kate at

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