How to beat the winter blues

We are deep into winter now and the grey days can seem endless. The days are shorter and the cold, wet weather forces us inside.

It is easy to feel isolated, especially if you have a young baby. Lack of sleep, combined with lack of energy can make us feel down and wanting to hibernate from the world.

But there are things that we can do to make ourselves feel better and beat the winter blues.

Get Moving

Getting outside in the fresh air is a great way to feel energized. Natural daylight replenishes the Vitamin D in our bodies, which helps with our energy levels. 

Take a walk around the block or visit those out of the way places that make your soul sing. A Peek-a-Baby wrap is the perfect way to explore new walks. You don't have to worry about lugging out the heavy pushchair or dealing with muddy wheels in the back of the car.

Eat Whole Foods

Nourishing our bodies with good foods helps not only our physical health but our mental health. Rich orange pumpkin soups and hearty casseroles can be thrown in the slow cooker for the time poor, busy mums. Prepared before or frozen for later. Buying seasonal fruit and vegetables is also cheaper.

If you are a new mum and someone asks how they can help - ask them for meals!

Book in a Date with Friends

It is easy to get isolated at home over winter when you have a young baby and small children. Wet weather, sick children, day after day stuck at home.

There is real science showing how friendships actually benefit our wellbeing on a social and emotional level. So make a plan to get out of the house. If this feels overwhelming then invite a friend over to see you.

True friends don't care that you haven't showered or brushed your hair in several days. They don't care that the kids' toys are everywhere and that the dishes are in the sink. They will even bring the coffee if you ask them nicely!

Take a Good Supplement

Have a chat with your GP or Pharmacist about a good supplement and how you can support your body. Especially if you are looking after sick babies and children. Lack of sleep can take a toll on your body and winter bugs will often strike when we are run down.

Find Some Time for You

This isn't always easy for mums especially those with young babies but self-care isn't always about massages and long soaks in the bath. It could simply be sitting by the fire with your feet up for 5 minutes. Asking someone to watch your baby while you have a shower - alone!

Or simply light a delicious candle, or order a takeaway and skip on cooking dinner. Self-care is about making yourself a priority too. 

As mums, we often place high expectations on ourselves. Sometimes it's about giving ourselves a break. 

And don't worry Spring is just around the corner!



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