One Cool Mama!

Jess Claris is one cool mama!

A blogger, a nurse, a wife, a busy mum of three and an all round good chick!

Jess is the mum behind Dot Dash. 

Sharing her passion for fashion, creating family favourite recipes with an edge and talking about the mum life. Jess is the hipster mum we all want to follow!

Recently I managed to pin Jess down to ask her a few questions and share a few of her top go-to tips for life as a mum of three.

As a busy mama, juggling 3 kids, work, life and a business what are your tips to making it all work?

Not to beat myself up about the small things.  If I have had a crazy day and work and my house is a mess - I don’t worry. It will get tidied just not within the next 30 mins!!

Don’t be a martyr. Ask for help if you need it and don’t sweat the small stuff. We can’t be perfect. There is no such thing!!

What are your go to mum essentials?

A good reusable coffee cup for those essential coffee moments on the go.

A bloody good sense of humour.

A slow cooker - life changing!!

Good friends.

Cooking is obviously a real passion and your food always amazing. What is your favourite go-to recipe?

Working 5 days a week I am all about easy and quick “one pot” meals.

Our go-to mid-week meals are pasta bakes, burgers, wraps and the like.

I leave the experimental and bigger meals for the weekends.

I also use the crock pot for things like spag bol, meatballs, curries and other slow cooker favs.

Here's my recipe for Tray Bake Pasta Bake

Pasta and meatballs in a tray

You have been busy at work all day, sorting kids and doing life but you have friends coming over for dinner. You have an hour to throw something together. What do you cook?

My Chinese Glazed Pork Belly with rice minus the fry bread!!

This is more than an hour  BUT the wait would be worth it. 

I'd also add my quick cucumber pickle!!

You always look so cool! What are you favourite places to shop?


My favourites are ShineOn, Goblin, Federation and Decjuba.

As I’ve got older I have definitely understood what suits my style and that I would rather invest in items that will last rather than throw away fashion.

We think that it’s essential that new mums get a few pamper treats for themselves. What are your best non-baby presents for new mamas?


The best thing you could do for a new mum would be the meals that she can biff in the freezer and take out when needed.

Things like lasagne, pasta bakes, curries and stews. 

Self-care is such a buzz word right now but as busy mothers, it is important that we make time for ourselves. What do you do to look after yourself?

I take time out. I’m not ashamed in the fact I acknowledge my need to get away from it all!! Call me selfish. I know for me that if I don’t take that time out I can’t function properly as a wife and mother. To be 100% functional as a parent I believe you need alone time.  We as women and mothers tend to give but are terrible at acknowledging we need time out. Be it a coffee with a friend or 30 mins to read a book. You need that time to regroup, re-coup and have some peace and quiet! That is essential!!


If you now have a bit of a girl crush you can head over to Dot Dash and say hello!

Check out Jess' blogs and catch up on what she has been up too.

Jess Claris from Dot Dash standing in front of a fence



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