The Must Have Essentials For New Mums

When you are pregnant it is easy to get overwhelmed by ALL the baby products on the market. I remember scrolling the internet completely confused about what I needed. Trying to work out what I would need and what I would actually use.
We know about the big things like cots, pushchairs, and car seats. But what are those everyday essentials that a new mum needs? 

This is a list of the best products and essentials for new mums that has been collated from suggestions made by over 2000 other mums in our private Facebook group The Hood for mums. There is nothing like recommendations from real mums who have been there before you! 

In no particular order, these are their favourite must-have products.

For Baby

A change bag & mat

A Peek-a-Baby Wrap carrier

Muslin Cloths

A Miracle Blanket swaddle

Vintage cloth nappies - the white ones with the red edging. Used for everything!

Face Cloths - you need a good collection

A stack of bibs

Baby grows - you can never have too many

A good swaddle - (I recommend a good arms down swaddle)

Baby Shusher

Wheatbag - handy for pregnancy, labour, postnatal and great for warming up baby beds in the winter

Tui Baby Balm

Lanolin for nipples


A bath thermometer

A bath support - I found the mesh ones the best. Great if you have other children to bath.

Colic Calm

A dummy - it always pays to have one tucked away somewhere!

For Mum

Granny pants - KMart have these in packs

Reusable breast pads

Hydrogel breast pads

Baggy tops 

Trackpants - high waisted pants are great for c-section mamas

A good water bottle

A comfy chair and pillow

Chunky sanitary pads


Frozen meals

Lactation Cookies  

Chocolate - always an essential 

There are so many more things that could be added to the list but these are the main things that came up time and again. If you would like to find out more jump into our private group to chat with a wonderful group of mums, who are always happy to help!

Newborn baby holding onto their mothers hand

If you would like to be a part of our private group for mums click on the link below. The Hood - For Mums  

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