We blink and our babies aren't babies anymore

Over the weekend I was catching up on a few jobs when I found myself clearing out some of my daughter's clothes. 

It suddenly dawned on me that I was packing up all the size four clothes. 

All the clothes that she had worn to kindy. 

In fact, many of the clothes both my girls had worn to kindy.

I found myself quite emotional as I packed them into a bag to be handed on to a friend.

I now have two school girls, and while I love watching them grow and develop, learn new skills and take on new challenges, I miss watching them run up the path to kindy.

Their little warm hand in mine as they pull me in the door to show me what they have been up too.

Each stage has its up and downs. Whether it is lack of sleep or toddler tantrums. But one day you realise that they have slept through the night, or in my case over the weekend, worn their little pink tutu skirt for the last time.

You often don't see it coming. 

You turn around and that stage is over.

Your baby has gone, your toddler is now an independent school kid, running into school and throwing you a " Bye Mum" over their shoulder as they go.

You wonder when did you become Mum and not Mummy, or Mumma any more?

How did they get so big when you were watching them the entire time?


When our babies are small we smile politely when people tell us that, "it all goes so fast."

We find it hard to believe when our days can seem endless and our nights longer still. 

When we are surrounded by nappies, toys and can't remember the last time we showered alone. 

But it does.

I recently read this quote, “This too shall pass… Really fucking slowly and you feel like you’re losing your mind but yeah, it will pass.”


While in that moment when life is hard (especially those first 12 months) it feels like it will never get easier. But every day, you wake up you get closer and closer to a less intense time of being a mum.

We blink and our babies aren't babies any more.

So cherish those baby snuggles, and quiet moments together, know that the tough times will get easier because before for you know it, it will be a memory and you will be crying because you are packing away their baby clothes.

Jane x


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