Unfold the wrap and find the Peek-a-Baby logo at the center.

Place the logo at your chest and wrap around your back.


Bring the pieces around your back and up over the opposite shoulder. 

Try to keep the material flat so it doesn’t twist.


Tuck both pieces underneath the section with the logo. 


Pull down with the wrap crossed at your sternum.

It should not be too loose or baggy.


Wrap around your waist and knot at the back, or if long enough wrap back around to tie at front or side.


Wrapping is done!

You can tie to this stage before outings so you are ready to pop baby from carseat to wrap when you arrive!


Hold your baby securely and carefully place one leg through the shoulder piece of the Peek-a-Baby wrap.


Place baby’s other leg though and spread both pieces from baby’s knee to shoulder.

The wider you spread it the more comfortable it will be.


Pop baby’s legs through logo piece of fabric.

Pull the logo piece up and over your baby’s entire bottom and back.


You can keep your baby’s legs covered or you can pull your baby’s legs through if you wish.