The  Wrap Carrier is one of the few traditional design baby carriers that has survived through generations without much alteration to it’s basic principle. Simple as it is, it provides many advantages that far outshine many modern baby carriers in the market today. It is no wonder that the parents of today have taken to the use of this traditional baby carrier and sworn by it.

The minimalist design makes this a compact and easy babywearing tool to pop in your handbag and take with you anywhere. It is simple to learn how to use it in various ways. The Peek-a-Baby wrap allows you to carry your baby heart to heart, snuggled into you, and once baby is older, facing out. You can also tie the wrap to carry your baby on your hip or back. Making it versatile and multifunctional.

A Perfect Fit for Wearers & Babies of Varying Sizes

A challenge for parents of today is to find a baby carrier that can accommodate the growing child and some times growing or shrinking parents. Most baby carriers are built only for wearers of a certain size, others for babies of a certain size, and most need constant adjusting through buckles or rings.

The Peek-a-Baby Wrap is a ‘one size fit all’ solution, regardless of wearer or baby size, it will still fit you both snugly. Making it the perfect solution for newborns or premmies to toddlers, and can even carry twins, at the same time!


Comfortable Ergonomic Design

The Peek-a-Baby Wrap's design centers around "wrapping" the material around the wearer and the baby. Proper use of the baby wrap almost always ensures that the baby or toddler fits snug against your body. By bringing the center of gravity of the baby and wearer close together, it results in minimal stress on your back.

Essential support is provided for baby’s delicate spine and neck by having the fabric spread across a large area of the wearer and the baby's bodies. Resulting in greater comfort for both the babywearer and the baby.


You can carry your newborn in it, you can carry your toddler in it, even your twins! You can use it as a make shift blanket, sheet or you can use it as a pillow. The Peek-a-Baby wrap is certainly one of those things you would hate to leave behind for any small trip or big holiday with your little ones.